Our Advocacy

We believe sound policy advances and maintains strong communities. The MLC supports key initiatives that will help our cities, our businesses, our region, and our state develop and excel.

Each year, the MLC puts together a legislative program to provide their legislative delegation guidance on key initiatives and the MLC lobbyists advocate for the advancement of those key initiatives at the Capitol.

MLC's 2021 Main Initiatives:

I. Promote accountability and transparency in the state/local fiscal relationship

  1. Supports property tax relief programs that help promote a more equitable property tax burden as a percentage of income (Voss Database)

  2. Supports individual property tax relief through the circuit breaker program

  3. Opposes automatic inflationary increases in LGA.

  4. Supports preliminary levy date change for all special taxing districts (EDAs, HRAs, etc.) from September 15th to September 30th.

  5. Supports allowing a sales tax exemption for local government purchases of snowplows and road construction vehicles and fixing the construction materials sales tax exemption for local units of government.

  6. Supports increased transparency and prudent reform in the State’s “Fiscal Disparities” program.

  7. Opposes the Minnesota Housing Partnership’s affordable housing initiative called the Home Grown Housing Fund.

  8. Oppose fiscal limitations on local units of government.

II. Invest in job retention and growth

  1. Supports a broad based transportation funding package that promotes economic development and growth in the region and keeps Minnesota competitive.

  2. Supports providing DEED with the tools and incentives necessary to attract and retain businesses.

  3. Supports flexibility in Tax Increment Financing (TIF) policies.

III. Support local government opportunities to be efficient, productive, and enterprising

  1. Concerns with mandates relating to expenditure-type reporting.

  2. Supports better aligning agency oversight of Water Resource Management and monitoring the supply of surface water.

  3. Supports classification of body camera data.

  4. Supports Street Improvement Districts.