Our Advocacy

We believe sound policy advances and maintains strong communities. The MLC supports key initiatives that will help our cities, our businesses, our region, and our state develop and excel.

Each year, the MLC puts together a legislative program to provide their legislative delegation guidance on key initiatives and the MLC lobbyists advocate for the advancement of those key initiatives at the Capitol.

MLC's 2022 Main Initiatives:

I. Housing and Home Ownership

  1. Support for affordable home ownership

  2. Collaboratively address statewide housing cost drivers

  3. Preserve existing affordable homes 

  4. Preserve local autonomy and community characteristics 

II. Infrastructure and Transportation Investments

  1. Increase investments in corridors of commerce

  2. Increase investments in Transportation Economic Development (TED)

  3. Fully fund required state match for federal infrastructure legislation

  4. Support city authority to impose infrastructure fees

III. Tax Policy and Local Issues

  1. Simplify process for sales tax exemption on construction materials

  2. Preserve the integrity of the Fiscal Disparities Program

  3. Support repeal of the Local Government Salary Cap