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Membership Characteristics

The Municipal Legislative Commission is an association of 19 suburban communities sharing similar characteristics. That being said, our communities are not all the same. Some are growing rapidly while others are fully developed. Some are primarily residential communities while others contain significant commercial developments.

Despite those differences, we are more alike than we are different.  We share common demographic, economic and tax base characteristics. None of our cities receive LGA from the State.  We also face similar challenges associated with development and maintenance of public infrastructure, and increasing demand from residents and businesses for effective public services.


We share a common interest in advancing sound policies that are fiscally responsible, allow for development, and further enhance our strong communities.  Generally, our communities have:

  • Large Populations

  • Growing Diversity Among Residents

  • Economic Strength and Significance

  • High Property Tax Burdens

  • Valuable Commercial and Residential Developments

  • Strong Financial Management Resulting in High Bond Credit Ratings

  • High Quality of Life Indicators

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