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Sound Policy, Strong Communities

The Municipal Legislative Commission (MLC) is an association of 19 suburban communities sharing common demographic, economic, and tax base characteristics. The association provides a voice for sound public policy on issues of shared interest to our member cities. The association is governed by a Board of Directors and Operating Committee, and is staffed by Poul Haas.

MLC Mayors Meet with
Governor Walz

The mayors of the MLC recently met with Governor Tim Walz to discuss legislative priorities and concerns facing suburban communities. The meeting featured a productive discussion on a wide range of issues including housing, transportation, public safety, and more.

2023 MLC Legislative Breakfasts Conclude

The 2023 Municipal Legislative Commission Breakfasts have come to an end. We were very fortunate to have a strong turnout from both elected officials and member cities staff. The panels at both breakfasts yielded productive discussions on public safety and guest speakers covered updates from the Capitol in Saint Paul.

Bfast Panel 1.jpg



Gary Carlson and Dave Unmacht Receive Recognition for their Service

MLC Board Award 2.jpg

On March 1st, Gary Carlson and Dave Unmacht of the League of Minnesota Cities were were both recognized by the MLC Board of Directors for their service. Both Gary and Dave are retiring this year after each serving an extensive career representing local governments in Saint Paul. Thank you for your service, Gary and Dave!

MLC Board Award 1.jpg
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